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Shedko sShutDown : Version history 



0.9.2 ( 30 mart 2007 )

+ Now sShutdown support plugins to use another app-replacement of shutdown dialog.
+ Included plugins: sShutdown, iShut, ShutX.


0.7 RC3 ( 8 december 2006 )
* Fixed: in some old skins buttons was been deranged
+ Size of skin preview is enlarged.
+ Added feature to enable/disable "Test" mode from GUI.
+ Added feature to enable/disable run application at Windows startup.

+ During display of dialog "Shutdown" the screen-saver will not be started.
+ By pressing Esc in shutdown dialogue the button the Cancel is pressed
+ Optimization of a code of the program that has allowed to reduce the size on a disk and in memory.

0.5 Beta Relise Candidate 1 (on April, 28th 2006)
+ The program for display Shutdown-dialog is Completely rewrited
+ The format of skins has changed, now as figures format PNG.
+ Complete support of transparency PNG-files, including non-uniform.
+ Now the program at start draws all statuses for all buttons that relieves the processor of loading at simple updating the form at moving the cursor.
+ the hook is completely rewriten on pure API, that has allowed to reduce the size in memory by 50 % and on a disk from 270 KB up to 51 KB.
+ support multi-monitor configuration.

0.4.1 BETA (on April, 23rd 2006)
+ the format of skin has a little changed, now is used BMP files with depth of color
32 bit, including support of a transparency.
+ on a double click on an icon in tray - open dialogue of a choice a skin.
+ fixed: shutdown dialogue not in the center of the screen has been
+ new back effect: 10 (MonoColor) Is added.
+ new back effect: 11 is similar on 10 but slightly lighter
+ new back effect: 12 a tile from the screen
+ new back effect: 13 RippleRandom
+ new back effect: 14 RippleTooth

0.3 ALFA - First Public version

+ Now application use down.bmp (the pressed button), was very quickly replaced with not pressed button and as a result it is not visible earlier, whether have pressed the button.
+ dialogue of a choice skin Is altered, now current theme with an title " Current Skin " and some other corrections.
+ it is possible to make "Cancel" button skinned


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