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Small Utilites 

On this page you may download two small userfull utilites:

1. IconSize - to change size of Explorer's icons to any size ( up to 256 px ).

2. AntiScreenSaver - small utilite to temporary disable screensaver.


Usually if you try change size of icons you need use sizes from 1 up to 72, because standart tools of Windows do not allow to set up size of icon to more than 72 px.
This tool will provide feature to set up icon size up to 256 px.


Screenshot of desktop with 128 icon size. ( click on picture to enlarge)

Tested only under WindowsXP, not needed for WindowsVista




Anti ScreenSaver

Some applications requied long time to work, but if your period to run screensaver is to small ( for example, at my pc this is a 4 minutes ) it will prevent to you see what is displayed on the screen.
Yes, you may disable screensaver or change period to run it, but more simply is run this application, and while this application is running your screensaver do not started. When this is not requied you simply close this application, thought context menu from tray.

Anti ScreenSaver screenshot

Scrrenshot of AntiScreenSaver in the Tray


Tested under: WindowsXP and WindowsVista.







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