Shedko software

ShedkoBadgesTC 1.0 


1. Plugin description
2. System requirements
3. Installation
4. Use
5. Version history

1. Plugin description

ShedkoBadgesTC is a Content plugin for Total Commander. ShedkoBadges displays badges that was assign to file/folder by help of Shedko Badges.

2. System requirements

You need Total Commander 6.50 or higher for this plugin.
The current supported operating systems are Windows 2000, XP and 2003.

3. Installation

To install ShedkoBadgesTC can open distributed archive in Total Commander. After some confirmations the plugin will be automatically installed.

4. Use

ShedkoBadges is a content plug-in. Alle plug-ins of this type can be used in the same way. An overview on how to use content plug-ins can be found in the Total Commander Wiki.



ShedkoBadgesTC in thumbnails mode
ShedkoBadgesTC in thumbnail mode in Total Commander




ShedkoBadgesTC in list mode
ShedkoBadgesTC in list mode in Total Commander



Search in TotalCommander by badges
Search in Total Commander by badge



Downoad: ( 71 Kb )

NOTE: You must have installed Shedko Badges.




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