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Shedko sShutdown 0.9


This basically makes it so that you can skin your shutdown dialog boxes without editing system files. This is done by intercepting the shutdown commands and hooking directly into the "Turn off" dialog. Thus, you can skin Windows shutdown with whatever you would like to use, without actually effecting system files and thus potentially causing something really really really bad to happen where you would need to reinstall or repair Windows.

Much of you probably up to horror were bothered with boring icons at shutdowning a computer.

I even hear as there are objections - in modern styles of Windows for WindowsBlins same all custimisable, yes custimisable, but in this case you are completely adhered to an idea of the author which given style has created, but much would like to make it independently.
And here the program which we also is useful present - sShutDown (Skinned Shutdown).
It allows to completely redraw the TurnOFF dialog of a Windows, and also has some features which pleasantly distinguish from standard opportunities Windows.


Already realized features:
- Interception at Windows a call of function of shutdown, i.e. in any case and in any program will be show our turnoff dialog
- Support skins (dialog and buttons are drawn by you)
- Allow use any picture as background (defined in skin)
- Apply of various effects to a background
- Use 3d-party applications as replacement of shutdown dialog.
- Absolutely safe to use - no need to pacth system files, application is simply hook displaying of Turn Off dialog.
- PNG for themes, with full support of transparence.
- may work in full screen (defined in skin)



Some screenshots:

One of the skins for Shedko sShutdown

One of the skins for Shedko sShutdown
One of the skins for Shedko sShutdown



Settings of sShutdown
sShutdown settings

Setup 3d-party plugin
sShutdown : setup plugin


Tray icon and menu
sShutdown : Tray




Download sShutdown

Version: 0.9.2
Language: English
Windows: Windows XP

Main download link:

Download from

This link have limited traffic, so if you do not download from this link, please use mirrors.

Other mirrors:



Download theme for sShutdown

You may download more themes for sShutdown.

Create theme for sShutdown

Creation of theme is a complex process that demanding considerable efforts. Besides that you draw a theme so you still should understand with complex files of a theme.
But now creation themes for sShutdown became easy, now it is possible to concentrate on inventing of a theme, instead of on that how to describe themes in files.
Get ThemeEditor for sShutdown...




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