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Shedko Badges: Column Extension 


Shedko Badges: Column Extension - adds a new column in the Explorer which displays the current badge of a file/folder. It is most convenient if you have a lot of files with badges and need to select files with a specific badge. With the help of this addition you will have an opportunity of sorting files in the Explorer by their badge.


Shedko Badges : badges column in table mode

Badges column in Table mode


Shedko Badges : Badges column in Tile mode

Badges column in Tile mode

NOTE: you MUST already have Shedko Badges installed.


Download ( 0,3 Mb)


NOTE: If you was have installed Shedko Badges 1.5 or more new, than you do not need to install this addon. Because from version 1.5 this addon was included in distributive.








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