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Plugin Tiki for qip infium

In QIP Infium exists hightlights, but exists hightlights are not usable in conferences (jabber) and in chats (irc), because if you have opened many conferences you may do not see message to you, simple hightlights to all messages.

Tiki for QIP Infium are fix this problem, with this plugin you may hightlight your nicknames by popups and/or sound.

  Main features:

  • you may specifity some nicknames as yours;
  • hightlight by sound or/and popup;
  • disable hightlight from some contacts, userfull for bots;
  • feature to disable hightlights in specified rooms/chats;
  • popup will be showed only if a window with chat is a inactive;
  • hightlight for privates;
  • feature to activate tab of chat/room;
  • feature to activate window of chats;




Tiki for qip : our nicknames

Tiki : our nicknames



Tiki for qip : options of hightlight

Tiki : options of hightlight



Tiki for qip : ignore

Tiki: setup ignore





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0.4 ( 12 apr 2008)
+ In ignore-list you may specifity not simple name of user, but also nicknames from conference/chat, for example Talisman now also may be entered as \Talisman
+ Added popups to private messages
+ Options of hightlight for Chats/Rooms and Privates now are separately
+ Changed type of Popup
+ Added: feature to 'spy' for some nicknames and some rooms, popup showed if your nickname do not exists in message..
+ Added: option to disable activation tab.
+ Added: option to show small name of conference, for example instead .
+ Added: option to disable popup from chats.
+ Added: feature to translate UI of plugin.

0.3 ( 5 april 2008)
* closed beta version.

0.1 beta 2 ( 26 mart 2008)
* Fixed work with /me-messages.
* Popus are not showed if hightlight are coming from active tab.
* Fixed: doubled sound.
+ Added ignore hightlight in specified rooms/chats.

0.1 Beta 1 ( 25 mart 2008)
= First public version.


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