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sVisibleCheck 0.3 

With help of this plug-in you can quickly and anonymously see the real status (including. Invisible) almost any number ICQ.

This plugin is only a wrapper to a site, i.e. all requests go through this site.

The plug-in supports a proxy, supports both active detection and passive. The third way of check, with the UIN is accessible only through a site - and is not planned to add such possibility in a plug-in.

After plugin installation in the list of contacts QIP Infium there will be a new contact, with which it is possible to check up any UIN. At the same time each contact in a mode of a chat with it will have a button - which at once will cause check of current contact on invisibility.

[i] Why detection of the status of visibility in general is possible? Because even in an invisible-state there will be answers to service-messages, and uses this messages.
In a plugin exists mode "Not anonymous" but some users confuses the name "Not anonymous", in any way your UIN do not showing to checked user, checked-user will have a notice on its addition in the list of contacts at not your UIN.

Screenshots of windows of a plugin

The plugin button in conversation-window and popup-window with result of work

Check of any UIN (double click on contact in the list of contacts)

Plugin options

Download sVisibleCheck plugin for QIP Infium

Download: sVisibleCheck_03.7z ( 195 KB )

(Requie QIP Infium 9017 and later)
Next Beta Version: ( 80KB)


1. Unpack archive contents in a folder qip infium\plugins\sVisibleCheck\
2. Open options of a plug-in and to validate necessary options;
3. All.

More information:

! Requie QIP Infium 9017 and later.
Icluded languages: English and Russian.

History of versions
0.3 ( 4 december 2008 )
+ Now you can select language of server-responses. Useles if your language is not Russain smile No more '????????' in popups
* Fixed: all settings moved to qip-profile folder.
+ Added: now some HTTP-headers are saved in special file, to make more quickly update if server change anti-bot headers.

0.2 (20 October 2008)
* Plugin translated use SDK 1.6, is now required QIP Infium least 9017.
* A plug-optimization, size reduced from 990Kb to 560Kb (existing beta-version of about 150KB)
+ Results are displayed in pop-up window.
+ In the pop-up windows will not only text but also the status of icon.
* To obtain data from the Internet using connection-setting from Internet Explorer.
* A correct analysis of the site returned results.
+ Support for gzip compression engine by using Internet Explorer, now at the request goes 4KB previously been 16KB.
* Removed setting the font contact in contact-list, use standard settings.

0.1.2 ( September, 8th 2008 )
* Fixed: plugin do not save selected method to check.
* Fixed: do not work with proxy that requie passwird.
= Now all settings are stored in profile directory.
= Plugin use SDK 1.5, now work with QIP Infium 9012 and later.

0.1.0 ( July, 8th 2008)
The first public version


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