Shedko software

sNotes 0.2.8 

Plugin to store local notes for Contacs, notes also may be specified for conferences/chats.

Main features:
- notes for contacts, chats and for privates in chats;;
- notes stored in RTF;
- no needed to click on button "save" to store note, if you delete all text from note, then plugin also delete file of note from disk:
- notes are stored as a simple rtf-files, you may view notes without qip;
- btowser of all notes, to manage notes, buit-in filter allow to quickly find note by nickname:


Note for Contact

Notes browser/manager


Version history:

0.2.7 ( 28 april 2008 )
+ added format-toolbar to Notes.
+ added feature to disable adding contact to contacl-list.
+ added context menu to notes.

0.2.5 ( 27 april 2008 )
+ Added: context menu in browser.
+ Added: feature ti translate UI.
+ windows are save and restore its size.
* use system font on Vista.

* Not saved some settings of contact in contact list.

0.2 ( 24 april 2008 )
+ added hightlight of URL;
* changed maximal size of note from 64KB to 2GB.
+ added: setup font of contact in contact list.

0.1 ( 23 april 2008 )
- first public version.


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