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Paste and Send 0.2.1 

This plug-in basically is intended fans of browser Opera. Therefrom has come idea to add such button to QIP Infium.

After installation of this plugin in the conversation-tabs and in a chats-tabs there will be a new button "Paste and Send". On pressing this button the text of the buffer will be sent current contact or in an active chat as message. Also it will be possible to use "hotkeys" - Ctrl+B, Ctrl+И and Ctrl+Alt+V.

If you prefer to use "hotkeys" and do not like new button, then delete file "logo.ico" from plugin folder. "Hotkeys" will still worked, but button will not added.

The new button:

The button in conversation-tabs

The button in a chat-tabs

Download plug-in Pastle and Send for QIP Infium

History of versions:
0.2.1 (on September, 15th 2008)
+ some optimisation (size before = 399KB, now = 99KB)

0.2.0 (on September, 15th 2008)
+ "Hotkeys" are added: Ctrl+B Ctrl+И; Ctrl+Alt+V;
+ If to remove logo.ico from a folder with a plug-in - that will not be added the button

0.1.0 (on September, 13th 2008)
= The first release;


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