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myViewer for myHistory 

This viewer for myHistory use Internet Explorer or Gecko engines, thats allow to display animated smiles and also use themes to display history.
myViewer allow to display simple conversation history and history of conferences (jabber) and chats (irc).

History of conversation, theme qip:
myViewer : History of conversation, theme qip

History of Conference, theme qip:
myViewer : History of Conference, theme qip
Some other themes for myHistory (click on image to zoom-in):
Image Hosting by Picoodle.comImage Hosting by Picoodle.comImage Hosting by

If you use Internet Explorer engine to display history files, please do not open big files, because on files with size more than 2MB this endgine may be so slow =( .

We are recommend to use Gecko engine, that are same engine thats used in Firefox. To use Gecko in myViewer you must install special "bridge" : MozillaControl1712.exe. This pack will install this "bridge" and you may see big files in myViewer.

Unpack all files from archive to folder of myHistory. It's all.

myViewer_HTML.7z561.82 KB


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