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Shedko myHistory for qip infium
myHistory (save history in a plain text file)

So, in QIP-Infium there is a crypting of history.

And as result: slow tabs, to slow a window with history of messages, it is necessary to break history into many slices that together this all simply has not veiled to slow qip, it is impossible to open easy more a file of history and to edit all that it is necessary... The List can be continued, everyone can find the reason on which to him enciphering is not pleasant. Eventually there is a question, and what for it has been made? In fact in couple of days after releasing Infium we have received Converter which without any problems can decrypt history. Then in what secret sense? Can think again and return at last all as was?

Also QIP Infium does not save history of chats, by help of this plug-in it is possible to save history of chats in QIP Infium.

Specially for those who wishes to keep in Infium history in a plain text format as in qip 2005

This plugin is based on sources of QC plug-in from HORD (Denis S Chuprunov)


Pictures of windows of a plug-in myHistory

myHistory : general settings
General settings

myHistory : types of messages to save in history-file
Types of messages to save in history-file


myHistory : Types of messages to save in history-file (advanced)
Types of messages to save in history-file (advanced)

myHistory : Types of chat-messages to save in history-file
Types of chat-messages to save in history-file



myHistory : history viewer

myHistory : history viewer


myHistory : chat-history viewer

myHistory : chat-history viewer


myHistory : manage of history files

manage of history files

Download myHistory for QIP Infium


Included languages: Russian, English

Additional languages, created by users of QIP:

Slovak flagSovak translation by SlovakSoft

German flag German translation by lotterfriends

History of changes:

1.0 PreFinal ( November, 16th 2008)
+ Possibility of a choice of a folder for store history.
* Fixed: In a viewer some string were not accessible to translate.
* Viewer: in the list of "near files" the chosen file was not remembered.

1.0 RC7 ( November, 15th 2008)
* In the list of protos has been forgotten GTalk, it is corrected.
+ Return search panel.
+ The list of the "near" files is added.
+ Added icons of protos to the list of files.
* Fixed: dialogues do not save its sizes.

1.0 RC 6 ( November, 13th 2008)
+ New component for history display, process of loading from memory and a display much faster.
* The algorithm of loading and hightlighting is rewrited, more faster.Переписан
+ The further optimisation of a code.

1.0 RC 5 ( November, 9th 2008)
+ The manager of history is added;
+ It is possible to add a line in contact-list for a showing the manager of history (right click will show plugin options);
* Fixed url-highlightling in chats-logs.
* Optimisation of the size of a viewer.

1.0 RC4
* Will not add an empty line after each message.
* Fixed format for names of files of chats-history is corrected.
* In the history of chats /me messages and events were not highlighted.

1.0 RC3
= The plug-in is completely rewriten;
= Not necessary to create profiles any more.
+ The plug-in will store history in a folder of profile QIP infium.
+ All options-dialogues are taken out from a plug-in that has allowed to reduce the size of a plug-in which is loaded into memory.
+ Private will saved in chats-subfolders.
+ The exceptions-list will work and on rooms/chats.
+ Pressing of the right button of a mouse on the plugin button - opening of options of a plug-in.

The plug-in is divided into 2 editions: myHistory and myHistoryLite. The version without Lite will be available later.

0.9.11 ( 10.08.2008 )
* Fixed: plugin do not create new history-files, but continue writing to existing files (from 0.9.10);
+ Added: you may select indiviually viewer for usually-messages and chat-logs;
+ First try to redisign options-dialog.

0.9.10 ( 06.08.2008 )
+ Added filter to chat-open dialog.
* Fixed: plugin do not show history of QIP-Jabber, but write history.
* Fixed: sometime plugin do not fix "\\" in template to store files.

0.9.9 ( 14.05.2008 )
* Fixed: all contacs mistaked included in exclude-list and history are not saved.

0.9.8 ( 11.05.2008)
+ Added: now button to plugin panel added only if you enable adding button and enable loging conversation or chats.
* Fixes: not corrected stored hightlighted messages from chats.
* Fixed: correct work with ACME-plugin. Previous version prevent to block messages.
* Fixed: now you may disable write messages blocked by anti-spam bot.
+ Added: new viewer.
+ Viewer: you may choose engine to display history IE or Gecko.
+ Viewer: animated smiles.
+ Viever: use templates to show logs.

0.9.7 ( 13.04.2008 )

+ Added: now plugin also store history of qip-protocol.

+ Added: now at click on button in chat-window, you was see list of history files sorted by date.

* Fixed: now you may disable write messages blocked by anti-spam bot.

0.9.6 ( 27.03.2008 )
+ Added button to Chat-windows.

+ Added feature to enable/disable logging of Chats and/or Messages.

+ BuitIn viewer at open file, go to end of history.

* Fixed: some string are not translated.

0.9 Beta 5 for RC1 (25.03.2008) - Now plugin requie QIP Infium 9005 or later

+ Added feature to save Chats-history.

0.9 beta 4 ( 6 febr 2008 )

+ Added: you may enable to include messages in hstory, thats has been disabled by antispam-bot .

+ Added: feature to select types of messages to store in history-file.

+ Added: button to plugin panel - to view history.

+ Added: history viewer, alfa version.

+ General: now plugin correctly work with SkinEngine plugin.

* Fixed: plugin do not replace %MYNAME% to our nickname.

+ Added prefix to some special messages, before message.

+ Added feature to Enable/Disable button on plugin's panel.

* Fixed: if in our nick or nickname of contact in right part exists space and in template we are use %CONTACTNAME%, viewer do not find history-file of this contact.

0.8.5 ( 13 dec 2007 )

* Fixed: plugin may crash if you use %CONTACKNAME% in template to save history file and this nickname include some symbols.

0.8.2 ( 5 dec 2007 )

+ Added: Czech (Иeљtina) language by Lms

0.8.1 ( 3 dec 2007 )

+ Added: Slovak language by SlovakSoft

0.8 ( 13 nov 2007 )

+ Added : now you may disable (exlude) history for specified contacts.

+ Added : feature to merge history of some contacts to one history-file.

+ Added : now plugin is localisable ( included languages: English and Russian ).

0.7 ( 29 oct 2007 )

+ Added : feature to select Any folder to save history.

* Fixed : not correct use of %CONTACTNAME% and %MYNAME%.

0.6 ( 28 oct 2007 )

+ Added : Feature to select File/Path to save history-file.

* Fixed : not correct format of date writen in history-file.

0.5.1. (on September, 6th 2007; 17:05)

* Fixed: in the proceeding message instead of name the sender in history plugin use the our name.


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