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Plugins for qip infium 

On this page you may download plugins for qip infium.

Plugins are created for qip infium (versions 9ХХХ), qip 2005 (8ХХХ) is not suppored.

For russian-speaking peoples: / Для русскоговорящих :
Вы можете загрузить больше наших плагинов для qip infium которые привязаны к русскому языку.
You may download more our plugins for qip infium, thats are russian-language depended.

sTypograph 0.9 BETA

Shedko sTypograph (типографика) для qip

It is strange enough that such "cool" feature as Typograph are not presented in IM-clients, including on QIP Infium.
This plugin is first plugin in a word to typography text in IM-client.



  • Replace pseudo-symbols to unicode symbols (© ® ™ …); (© ® ™ … ±);
  • Transformation of degrees from + 90^C to +90°C;
  • Partial support of bb-codes ([s] s̶t̶r̶i̶k̶e̶t̶h̶r̶o̶u̶g̶h̶t̶ ; [u] u̲n̲d̲e̲r̲l̲i̲n̲e and [d] - ̳d̳o̳u̳b̳l̳e̳ ̳u̳n̳d̳e̳r̳l̳i̳n̳e̳ );
  • Places necessary and deletes superfluous spaces before and after dots and commas;
  • Deletes unnecessary repetitions of punctuation marks;
  • Replacement of repeating spaces or spaces and tabs to one space;
  • To delete superfluous space-symbols in the end of the paragraph;
  • Will place a dash and hyphens;
  • We separate brackets from the previous word, and inside we clean superfluous spaces;
  • Will place unbreak spaces there where they are necessary;
  • The first letter in each paragraph will make Uppercase;
  • Exponentiation symbol (², ³);
  • Transformation of pseudo-symbols to a unicode-symbol of fractions (½, ¼, ¾, ⅛, ⅜, ⅝, ⅞).
  • Correction casual "Caps Lock" or "Shift";
  • The plug-in does not processing smilies.;
  • The plug-in does not processing URL-links

All rules are optional!


sVisibleCheck 0.3

With help of this plug-in you can quickly and anonymously see the real status (including. Invisible) almost any number ICQ.

This plugin is only a wrapper to a site, i.e. all requests go through this site.

The plug-in supports a proxy, supports both active detection and passive. The third way of check, with the UIN is accessible only through a site - and is not planned to add such possibility in a plug-in.

After plugin installation in the list of contacts QIP Infium there will be a new contact, with which it is possible to check up any UIN. At the same time each contact in a mode of a chat with it will have a button - which at once will cause check of current contact on invisibility.


myHistory 1.0 PreFinal

Shedko myHistory for qip infium
myHistory (save history in a plain text file)

So, in QIP-Infium there is a crypting of history.

And as result: slow tabs, to slow a window with history of messages, it is necessary to break history into many slices that together this all simply has not veiled to slow qip, it is impossible to open easy more a file of history and to edit all that it is necessary... The List can be continued, everyone can find the reason on which to him enciphering is not pleasant. Eventually there is a question, and what for it has been made? In fact in couple of days after releasing Infium we have received Converter which without any problems can decrypt history. Then in what secret sense? Can think again and return at last all as was?

Also QIP Infium does not save history of chats, by help of this plug-in it is possible to save history of chats in QIP Infium.


Paste and Send 0.2.1

This plug-in basically is intended fans of browser Opera. Therefrom has come idea to add such button to QIP Infium.

After installation of this plugin in the conversation-tabs and in a chats-tabs there will be a new button "Paste and Send". On pressing this button the text of the buffer will be sent current contact or in an active chat as message. Also it will be possible to use "hotkeys" - Ctrl+B, Ctrl+И and Ctrl+Alt+V.


sNotes 0.2.8

Plugin to store local notes for Contacs, notes also may be specified for conferences/chats.

Main features:
- notes for contacts, chats and for privates in chats;;
- notes stored in RTF;
- no needed to click on button "save" to store note, if you delete all text from note, then plugin also delete file of note from disk:
- notes are stored as a simple rtf-files, you may view notes without qip;
- btowser of all notes, to manage notes, buit-in filter allow to quickly find note by nickname:


Tiki 0.4

Plugin Tiki for qip infium

In QIP Infium exists hightlights, but exists hightlights are not usable in conferences (jabber) and in chats (irc), because if you have opened many conferences you may do not see message to you, simple hightlights to all messages.

Tiki for QIP Infium are fix this problem, with this plugin you may hightlight your nicknames by popups and/or sound.

  Main features:

  • you may specifity some nicknames as yours;
  • hightlight by sound or/and popup;
  • disable hightlight from some contacts, userfull for bots;
  • feature to disable hightlights in specified rooms/chats;
  • popup will be showed only if a window with chat is a inactive;
  • hightlight for privates;
  • feature to activate tab of chat/room;
  • feature to activate window of chats;




qip sSpeak
sSpeak - a plugin for qip infium for speaking all incoming messages.




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