Shedko software

Folderico 4 RC9 

Optimization, optimization and again optimization in Folderico 4 RC9

New in Folderico 4 RC9
+ Added: specify that files with icon not hidden, some backup-programs do not support synchronization of hidden files.
+ Optimized dialog "Select icon from the library". Now loading previews of all themes takes milliseconds, but seconds in earlier versions.
+ Selection last folder in "Select folder"-dialog.
+ Dialog to select icon in shell context menu now save/restore its size and position.
+ Some small UI fixes.
* Fixed memory-leak in "Select icon from the library"-dialog.
* "GANT 3" theme was replaced by "Windows Yellow folders reborn" and "Windows 7" replated by "Windows 7+"

Get Folderico for Windows 7.


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