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Folderico - Tutorial - Customise movies-folder 

Folderico : make movies-folder more eye-candy

Micz wrote:

The idea of getting rid of those bizzare looking native Windows 7 Extra Large Icons. You see, I collect movies. And I think it would be just superb to be able to use Extra Large Icons to present my collection. I would be extremely happy if I could turn on the Extra Large View and set a specific movie poster as a thumbnail for every specific folder containg - obviously - one specific movie. This could create very neat and nice looking movie library, without troubles. Sadly - now, in native Windows 7 Extra Large View - as You propably know - you get this poster slanted, distorted, by - so called - perspective. ... What do You think of this? Is it possible?

Or maybe this kind of functionality is already included somewhere inside Folderico? ...

Currently Folderico does not automatically create icons from posters.

Have to do everything by hand:
1. Found via Google a movie poster.
2. Create an icon from the poster.
3. Assign created icon to folder.

1. Found via Google a movie poster

Open in your browser. Type film-title in search-input. And press "Find".

Now select "Pictures" from elements to search.

Now select more liked poster and save it to your PC.

2. Create an icon from the poster

We are recommend to use IcoFX. This is a good freeware rich-featured application to work with icons.

With the help of IcoFX you can convert your favorite image to icon.

To create icon from an image follow these steps:

1. Start IcoFX

2. Import the image that you would like to convert to icon, using the "File/Import Image" menu item. You can use PNG, BMP, GIF, JPG or JP2 images.

3. Select the size of the icon. Recommended is 256x256.

4. The Import dialog will open where you can select the part of the image that will be converted to icon. Press The OK button.

Import dialog

Info: The Import dialog will only open if the "Options/Preferences/Actions/Import" option is set to "Show the Advanced Import dialog".

5. Your icon contains only one image format. Use the "Icon/Create Windows Icon Form Image..." menu item to add all the needed image formats to the icon. The default settings on this dialog will do in most cases.

Create Windows Icon dialog

6. Save the icon using the "File/Save As..." menu item. On the save dialog choose the desired output format in the "Save as type" combo box.

3. Assign created icon to folder

- Select folder;
- Click on it by right button of mouse;
- Select menu "Folderico\Select custom icon..."

Press button "Select custom icon..."
Find ad select created icon from poster
Press "Apply.

Its all


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