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ICL Builder 0.3 Beta 2 

Considering numerous questions " How to create a theme (ICL-file) for Folderico and it is desirable with help the freeware program - we spread the additional tool for Folderico - ICL Builder.

By help of given util you can create ICL-files from standalone ico-files, but consider, this is a only BETA version.


Files created by this utility will not work in Wndows Vista and Windows 7. Since the program creates a 16-bit ICL-files, and Vista and Seven will no longer support such libraries.

Download ICL Builder

File: ( 301 Kb )



Version history
0.3 ( 26 feb 2008 ) BETA 2
+ Added: simultaneously adding several icons to icon library.
+ Fixed: drawing icon in iconlibrary if icon do not contains any standart size (16,24,32,48).

0.3 ( 17 dec 2007 ) NOT STABLE BETA
+ Added: delete several icons from icon library by one click on "Delete" button.
+ Added feature to Export icon(s) from IconLibrary
+ Now application ask to confirm delete icon-format from icon and icon from icon-library - with icon preview.
* Fixed error occurred when icon have only one format with size more than 128 pixels.
* Fixed : not corrected drawning of 256-pixels icons.
+ Added popup-menu to icon list with recent actions.


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