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Folderico : Version History 

Current stable version is 3.72. for Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

For Windows 7 please use Folderico 4, for Windows XP please use Folderico 3.7.*

Whats new in versions:

Folderico RC12 ( 26/06/2012 )
* Added: portable-mode without hacks.

Folderico RC11 ( 11/04/2011 )
* Fixed: on many PC Folderico do not display icon-collection.

Folderico RC10 ( 10/04/2011 )
* Fixed: on some PC Folderico do not create folder "Thumbnails".

Folderico RC9 ( 28/03/2011 )
+ Added: specify that files with icon not hidden, some backup-programs do not support synchronization of hidden files.
+ Optimized dialog "Select icon from the library". Now loading previews of all themes takes milliseconds, but seconds in earlier versions.
+ Selection last folder in "Select folder"-dialog.
+ Dialog to select icon in shell context menu now save/restore its size and position.
+ Some small UI fixes.
* Fixed memory-leak in "Select icon from the library"-dialog.
* "GANT 3" theme was replaced by "Windows Yellow folders reborn" and "Windows 7" replated by "Windows 7+"

Folderico RC8 ( 23/01/2011 )
* Fixed: non-unicode TaskDialog at language installation and in some any situations.
+ Added feature to use folders with standalone icons as themes in "Custom icon"-dialog. Please see "FolderTheme" for example.
+ Some small UI-improvements.

Folderico RC5 ( 02/10/2010 )
+ Added a lightweight version of the context menu on the Windows 64-bit.
+ Now you install Folderico language-packs (sfl) with one click on file.

Folderico RC 4 ( 07/07/2010 )
* Fixed: context menu, always write the absolute path (including the drive letter) to the custom icon.
+ Now use 48*48 px. icon-size for preview instead 32*32 px.
- Temporary removed tool to change icons of Libraries.

Folderico RC 3 ( 12/05/2010 )
+ Added: tool to change icons of Libraries.
+ Added new theme "SevenLibrary" by CarlosJJ as icons for Libraries.
* Fixed: some small errors.
* Template to translate cleaned from not used strings.

Folderico RC2 ( 21.04.2010 )
* Fixed: installation themes (ICL and iColorFolder) to invalid folder;
+ Now you install Folderico themes (sft) with one click on file.

Folderico RC1
+ Folderico save settings per-user.
+ Themes was moved to new folder (to make compatible with UAC).
* Fixed: dialog "Select custom icon" from context-menu do not set icon.

Folderico Public BETA (first public release)
+ Folderico save settings per-user.
+ Themes was moved to new folder (to make compatible with UAC).
* Removed function "Rebuild Icons cache";
* Added fashionable nowadays Aero-effect
* No support for Windows XP and Vista;
* Can not specify a hint for the folder;
* Icon is now used as an icon for the folder, and as a thumbnail;

Folderico 3.7.2 - Fix ( 4 january 2007 )
+ Added Spanish language.
* Fixed: on most PC context menu do not display translated names of icons.
* Fixed: In some themes names of icons will be wrong.

Folderico 3.7.1 - Fix Edition ( 28 december 2006 )
* Fixed: on most PC context menu do not display names of icons.
* Fixed: if enabled option "Show icon names in context menu" and if you try to apply icon thought main window of application, not thought contex menu, icon do not applied to the folder,

Folderico 3.7 ( 23 december 2006 )
+ Now in context menu near icons showing names of icons or optionaly numbers.
* Fixed: desktop.ini and icon-file now have attributes Hidden + System

Folderico 3.6.1 Bug-Fix ( 19 october 2006 )
* Fixed error: if you try to assign for folder icon from exe-file - Folderico will do not apply icon (error appeared in version 3.6)

Folderico 3.6 ( 12 august 2006 )
! Folderico in Unicode, now Folderico show symbols of your language in any Windows edition if you install support for your language ( for example, requied for Armenian, Greek and Arabic languages on Russian Windows )
+ Added feature to Add / Delete "Install Theme" menu item for IconLibraries in Explorer menu.
+ Added Armenian translation.
* Fixed: positioning of buttons "+" and "-".

Folderico 3.5 ( 7 jule 2006 )
! Absolutely new more easy use user interface.
+ Added feature to rebuild icon cache.
+ Now you may select theme for Folderico toolbar.
+ Now icon of folder chanded immediately after apply.
+ Added feature to install icl-themes from dialog "Select Icon for selected folder" with help of GUI.
+ Now in dialog "Select Icon for Folders" icons drawed in two sizes 32 and 16 px.
+ When you select menu "Select custom icon..." now opened not main dialog, instead showing dialog "Select Icon for selected folder"
+ Now when You select icon-theme in any dialog you will see small info about authors of this icons-pack.
+ Added feature to import iColorFolders themes.
* Fixed error: if you add only tip for folder without icon - occured error.
* Fixed error: If desktop.ini has attribute Read-only, context-menu and main applcation do not apply icon.
* Setting "How to install icon" not readed to main interface.

Folderico 3.3 ( 14 june 2006 )
! WWW-site of application is moved to
+ Now You may choose how to install icon to folder: 1. extract icon from theme to standalone file or 2. do not extract and use link to theme.
+ Now in theme dialog you can create theme with your shell icons.
+ desktop.ini and icon-file now have attributes Hidden + System
+ Context menu now capable to display up to 332 icons, in previos version this value is 176.
+ Dialog for language selection ready for translation.
* Fixed mistake: Language selection dialog now show on center of active monitor.
+ Added German language.

Folderico 3.2.1 ( 27 may 2006 )
+ in context menu added item "Reset icon" to quick reset icon of folder

Folderico 3.2 ( 20 may 2006 )
+ Now icons in context menu draw at full size (not croped)
* Now Folderico may not work in Windows'95 and Windows'98

Folderico 3.1.2 ( 18 may 2006 )
* Fixed: if you using two monitors happens is the following: If you start Folder2MyPC it is centered in the middle of the two monitors (half on monitor 1 and half on monitor 2). Now started on the center of current monitor.
+ New dialog for selection Language
+ Now on www-site created page with additional languges.
= Included languages: Arabic, Russian, English, Ukrainian, Nederlands and French (new corrected)

Folderico 3.1 ( 7 april 2006 )
- Some bug-fixes.
+ Added Arabic translation

Folderico 3.0 (18 mart 2006)
+ Show icons from current theme in context menu.
+ Allow change icon of folder thought context menu
+ Now Folderico supports localisation thought special ini files.
- added languages: Russian, English, French

Folderico 2.5 (12 mart 2006)
+ First public version.
+ Now in dialog "Select icon for folder" icon themes show as icons.


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