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Folderico - console version 0.1.1 

Folderico : One-stop solution

Folderico-console would be really handy for users with custom file managers where you can have custom menus and toolbars and use them to set the icons.
It would also be extremely useful in mass conditional icon changing through scripting

Download to your PC

For correct operation of the console version (folderico_cli.exe) Folderico is NOT required.
The console version does NOT require any additional software.

Command-Line Options

Option Parameters Meaning Example
/help or /? show this help folderico_cli.exe /help
/reset folder remove icon from folder folderico_cli.exe /reset "d:\Test Folder\99\"
/set folder icon-file icon-index set custom icon for folder folderico_cli.exe /set "d:\Test Folder\99\" "d:\Test Folder\99\test.ico" 0
/custom folder open dialog "Select custom icon" folderico_cli.exe /custom "d:\Test Folder\99\"
NOTE: for this function, the console version should be in the same folder where Folderico.exe

Error codes

Code Meaning
9 not all requed arguments are passed to program
10 folder do not exists or we do not have right to change icon
12 cannot reset icon, dir not exists or we do not have right to change icon
13 cannot set icon, problem with ico file ?


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