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Folderico : One-stop solution

One-stop solution

Among the first of things when Windows 7 launched, users needed a stable program which can quickly change the folder icons and restore them back to the original state in one click. So we are happy to present a really good stable app for this purpose. Folderico is a brilliant one-stop solution for all the folder icon changing needs.

There are plenty of users who love to organize their folders based on priority, it also makes it easier to find a specific important folder from among hundreds of sub-folders. What better way than to change the folder icon to something more eye-candy?

Integration with Explorer

Seamless integration with Windows Explorer and core services. Folderico adds item in contex menu of Windows Explorer and core services.
On Windows 64-bit are only lightweight version of the context menu.

Custom themes

Folderico uses special format SFT as themes. These files are automatically associated with the program and are fully-processed.
Folderico also support to use ICL-files and themes from iColorFolder.

Get more themes for Folderico

Translated into
your language

In standard package English and Russian language files are included. Icon names in themes can also be translated. Also you may download more languages for Folderico.

Folderico uses special format SFL as language-packs. These files are automatically associated with the program and are fully-processed.

No to paid version, only free

Not so long ago there was similar tool with the same name.
We do not have any relationship to the paid version which began to advertise on some sites, all of our programs are free.

Are still using Windows XP? - use Folderico 3.7.2 for Windows XP

Note about Windows 7 64-bit and Folderico 4:
on Windows 7 64-bit are lightweight version of the context menu.

Standalone Folderico for console would be really handy for users with custom file managers where you can have custom menus and toolbars and use them to set the icons.
It would also be extremely useful in mass conditional icon changing through scripting

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