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FileType Verificator : Version History 

0.9.9 ( 05 mart 2007)
! Rebirth of application, after a long time we again support this application.
+ Added optional integration with TrID.
+ Added customisable "Tools" menu, by default used to get information about extensions from some www-sites.
+ In distributive included all available plugins.
* Fixed: many untraslated russian words was replaced to english.
- Removed registration procedure from application - application now is freeware.

* Fixed error ocured, while trying detect file type of file with zero size.
- Explorer-style menu replaced to Standart menu, because on some PC old menu not showing.
+ Added new formats:
  - Save from game Mafia
  - CD-image of H+H VirtualCD 5-6
  - MacOSX - Application installation pack (DMG) (recognized only 95%)
  - MacOSX - Icon library
  - MacOSX - StuffIt Archive
  - MacOSX - Application
  - Archive GZip (Linux)

0.9.6 - PreFinall
+ First version which includes English language.
- Complete carrying the determination of the types of the files to plugins.
+ Will Added new type of the plugins "universal", it such plugins which simultaneously may define type of the files and show characteristic of the certain files.
+ New plugins are included to kit of the supply:
  - sdv_RIFF.ftv - Determination of the different files of the format RIFF (Resource Interchange File Format)
  - sdv_storage.ftu - Determination and showing the information of the files of the type Storage (Microsoft Office and many other).
  - sdv_media.ftu - Determination and showing the information Multimedia format files this plugin is a merging two pluguins: sdv_media.ftv and sdv_media.ftp, which were are respectively removed).
  - sdv_other.ftv - Determination different types of the files.
  - sdv_pictures.ftu - Determination and showing characteristic "graphic" files (result of the merging two removed plugins sdv_graphic.ftv and sdv_graphics.ftp).
  - sdv_zip.ftv - Determination archive-file ZIP, as well as determination some types archive such as skins for WinAmp, WediaPlayer, BsPlayer, Opera and etc.
* Changed logotype of the program, and respectively some other elements of the util and help file.
+ Program now save status a window (minimised, normal, maximised).
+ Significantly function of the automatic selection of the name is processed for files of the executable format.
+ Added adjusting the processing "fixed" names of the exceptions.
+ Added possibility to tune whence program will take descriptions for types of thefiles.
+ New sections will added to help file of program, as well as buttonsfor calling the new sections in program.
+ Extraction of original name or caption will ddded from following file-types:
  - Document HTML
  - FarStone VirtualDrive ( VCD ) - is extracted not original name, but label of "virtual" disk
+ The Added possibility of the selection of the language of the program.
+ A given moment available following languages:
  - Russian
  - English (considering my knowledges of this language - Bad English)
  - Belarussian.
+ Fixed error, because on account of which at presence of the rights to debugging the scenarioes in web-page, when viewing SWF-files was started debugging scenario.
+ Added possibility to tune Office Convertors.

All previous realises will be only on Russian language.




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