Shedko software

Shedko Bulba 2006 

Shedko Bulba - the program for a conclusion of various data on your personal computer, including the detailed information about:



- To a main-board;
- Hard disks (including the detailed information about SMART);
- About drives of CD-ROM (data on opportunities of record);
- Ports (COM and LPT);
- Printers;
- Faxes;
- Scanners and photo-video-cameras;
- TV-FM-tuners;
- Devices IrDA (infrated communication);
- About opportunities APM and ACPI;
- Windows;
- OpenGL and DirectX;
- Network reports;
- Modems;
- Services;
- The loaded Drivers;
- And much, many other things...

Also that all this is not poorly important you receive ABSOLUTELY FREE


Shedko Bulba - screenshot




File size: 1 Mb

Version 2006.06

License: Freeware

OS: Windows 2000, Windows 2003, WindowsXP.

Language: English, Russian






If you nave questions, bugs or feature-suggestion, please use Forum .






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