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Badges : Version history 

1.5 ( 8 february 2007 )

+ Added new extension to Windows Explorer : Badges Column.
+ Context menu: added support for multi-selection, so one apply badge to multiple objects simentanously.
+ Context menu: Now badge chanded immediately after apply.
+ PropertyPage: fully recoded, new GUI.
+ PropertyPage: added support for multi-selection, so one apply badge to multiple objects simentanously.
+ Property Page : selection indicator changed from text to icon.
+ Manager: Added feature to open selected file/folder in Explorer from Badges Manager.
+ Manager: Added feature to Rebuilt icon-cache.
+ Manager: added feature to select color scheme for badges-, languages-, themes-lists.
+ Manager: added feature to select color-appearance of lists and toolbar.
+ Manager: in status bar now showing information about library, when you was open Library tab.
- Manager: removed notice about changed library, now it will be reloaded without notice.
+ Common: Added feature to separate library of badges on multi-user computer for each user.
* Common:  Updated some graphical elements of application.
+ Common: now toolbar, language, colors and some other options is may be separate for each user.
+ Common: settings and base now stored under "Documents and Settings" folder.
* Fixed: sometimes Explorer crash with error 126, usualy at shutdown.
+ Many small improvements.


1.0.1 Final ( 10 october 2006 )

+ General: realised featured theme Mellow by Va-Deam's Lab.
+ Manager: Fixed drawning of selected items.
+ Manager: if you add/delete badger outside manager, manager will be reload library.
+ Manager: selected language will be marked with arrow.
+ Manager: selected theme will be selected when open theme-page.
+ Manager: more correct procedure to checking theme while install new theme.
+ Manager: headers of library-table now support Themes on WindowsXP.
+ Property Page: selected badget will be warked with "[]".
+ Context menu: selected badget will be warked with "[]".
+ Context menu: added context menu to Drives.
* Added support to Armenian language.
+ Many other small improvements and bug-fixes.



1.0 RC 5 ( 31 august 2006 )

+ Manager: sign "!" drawing after number.
+ Property page: Allow translate caption of page.
+ Manager: added sorting by clicking of column-header.
+ Manager: added feature to Add/Delete themes from Themes library.
+ Manager: added feature to create special Packed theme for Distribution.
+ Manager: added drag-and-drop feature to install themes.
+ Common: added shell association for special theme-files (sbz).
+ Installer: detection of previous installed version and promt to uninstall it.
* Fixed Manager: "Add Context Menu to Shell" - correctly readed.
* Fixed Manager: setup new theme if previous theme is corrupted.
* Fixed Manager: context menu "Delete Selected' do not work.
+ Common: some spelling corections.
+ Other small improvements and bug-fixes.

1.0 RC 4 ( 23 august 2006 ) - Bug fix version

+ Manager: Added context menu to sorting of items in library.
* FIXED: now all dll will be registered on all PC. :-)

1.0 RC 3 ( 21 august 2006 )

+ Manager: Now window position was saved and restored from settings.ini
+ Manager: On lines with invalid badges now showing symbol '!'
+ Manager: on Library page items now have more small height and small (14 px) icon.
+ Manager: Now on right side of theme selection page you may see information about theme.
+ Manager: Added feature to delete badges in manager.
+ Manager: Now for drawing theme preview in manager used special 50x50 icon format.
+ Manager: Added feature to choose theme for toolbar.
+ Property page: is ready for translation.
+ Property page: icons now uses alfa blending.
+ Property page: "Reset" icon now placed as 1-st icon.
+ Property page: used special 50x50 icon format from icon.
+ Property page: button "Reset" replaced by icon "Reset"
+ Context menu: Removed symbol '-'.
+ Context menu: used special 14x14 icon format from icon.
* FIXED: installer do not corectly register all dlls on most system and as result badges is not work.
+ Other small improvements and bug-fixes.

1.0 RC2 ( 12 august 2006 )

+ Added context menu to select badges from Explorer menu.
+ Now you can Enable/Disable Context menu and Property page integration in to the shell.
+ Added feature to translate Badges to your language. + Included languages: English (my bad english) + Russian.
* Fixed: not correct including of drives to the invalid list.


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