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FileType Verificator (FTV) 0.9.9 

File Type Verificator (FTV)

The FileType Verificator application was designed to be an easy to use utility that intended for determination of the type of the files upon their contents.

Given program differs from analogue, first of all that that majority of the similar programs for determination of the type of the file uses its extension i.e. the last three symbols after point.

But after all not always extension corresponds to the contents of the file, and in general sometimes file has an no extensions - then on you to help will come the utility File Type Verificator, which coming from analysis of the contents of the file will say you that it for file.

Because of that that program defines type of the file on its contents, that and count of " recognized " files is of course limited, but list of the recognized files is constantly renewed


FileType Verificator 0.9.9


DOWNLOAD FileType Verificator:

Version: 0.9.9
License: Freeware

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You often use a format of files which is not recognised by FiteType Verificator ?

Write here what formats you would like to add in the list of recognized types of files.



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